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Redwood Robotics™ frees humans from costly, mundane and repetitive rules-based work. Our platform makes complex processes simple and allows you to robotise any business area. We can also help you accelerate up to 100% automation across entire processes in finance, supply chain, HR, IT operations, and others.
Uniquely, our robots come armed with a comprehensive and growing library of over 33.000 Plug ‘n’ Play robots and hundreds of pre-built processes, eliminating the burden of development and maintenance and dramatically shortening your time to value.  For the last 25 years, Redwood Software’s process experts have engineered the knowledge of thousands of transactions within ERP and countless other business and web applications into our robots, so you don't have to.
We also deliver the much-needed process orchestration and robotic interactions crucial for any serious robotic process project.  No matter how big your project, you can start off small while being safe in the knowledge that we are inherently built for scale and 100% reliable. You won't need to maintain large expensive Centres of Excellence either, which means no laborious user interface scripting and no overloaded development teams.
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