14-17 May, 2018 | Lisbon, Portugal

Shak Akhtar

Global SVP Robotic Solutions

2:20 PM Fireside chat: Plug’n Play Robots, helping you to deliver the key Target Operating Models (TOMs) expected from a modern SSC organisation

Some large organisations will shed light on their robotic journey to 3 key objectives for the survival of SSCs: Flexibility, Leanness & Scalability. They have selected a path that some research
analysts call “Accelerated Robotics” which encompasses Plug’n Play robots with process knowledge (Finance, HR, IT, Supply Chain, etc.) and pre-built integrations with enterprise systems
such as ERP.
In this session:
  • Flexibility: quickly & effectively integrate new market opportunities into existing operations
  • Leanness: operate at high efficiency by robotising both simple and complex processes by as much as 100% end-to-end.
  • Scalability: the Plug’n Play nature of these Robots and the ability to manage 1000s of Robots across the globe will allow you to change the size of operations up or down at speed, in
the face of downturn or recovery, divestments or acquisitions.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Shak.

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