14-17 May, 2018 | Lisbon, Portugal

Sarunas Suipis

VP Operations and Managing Director
Western Union

3:55 PM Next Level Service – Thinking outside the back-office box

We have come a long-way from SSCs
being seen purely as a back-office offering,
and with ever more complex activities and
functions being incorporated into SSCs,
discover what could be the next addition
for your centre...

  • What have innovative and advanced
GBS centres already centralised?

  • How has this expansion up the value
curve impacted hiring?

  • Teething issues– how to build business
unit support and build confidence in
advanced and new service lines.

  • The sky’s the limit!– can anything not be

3:50 PM Stepping beyond the Bots – Cognitive Learning within Business Services

With separate budgets, access to vast amounts of data, and relatively few FTEs, SSCs offer the perfect microcosm for technological innovation. SSC FTEs are perfectly placed to be testers and adapters of new methods of working, which means they are perfectly placed to test new products. Nobody could have anticipated the impact of RPA on the SSC industry, but what about the next frontier of machine learning?

This session will delve into the role AI is currently playing in some pioneering SSC/GBS organisations, and will give real-life examples of how “machine-life” may be poised to step into knowledge-based work in the not too distant future….

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Sarunas.

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