13 - 16 May, 2019 | Lisbon, Portugal

Rene Jensen

Head of Process Excellence

9:15 AM Client Interview hosted by Automation Anywhere: Harnessing Intelligent Automation as a Lever to Surpass Your Customer’s Expectations

Over the past several years, much has been written about how Robotic Process Automation can drive forwards a digital transformation agenda for your business, driving profitability,
increasing visibility over a particular process, and transforming the existing status quo within the business services landscape. However, much less has been written about the knock-on
impact to your most important stakeholders, your customers. In this on-stage interview, learn how RPA is transforming the operations of one multinational organisation, enabling them to
move their FTEs onto more sophisticated, value-added activities that are enhancing their service provision, and are enabling them to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction then
ever before

11:25 AM Blockchain – A complete game changer?

  • Should Blockchain be viewed as another element of digital transformation, or a seismic shift in the way in which companies could operate in the future?

  • Blockchain and SSCs – what are the
threats and the opportunities

  • Developing an intercompany network –
is the technology advanced enough

8:50 AM Future Services – Will Blockchain be the next big thing, and when will it take off?

A few years ago it was RPA and cognitive that was being hailed as the next big thing for SSCs, but will 2018 be the year that Blockchain steps into the limelight? Largely explored so far within the realm of Financial Services, but with the potential to completely revolutionalise the way in which payments will be processed in a SSC environment, join is for a futuristic panel discussion about the possibilities of this new technology

1:00 PM “RPA is just the beginning, - technology will drive the future GBS”. The GBS as innovation hub and moving up the GBS value chain.

In Maersk’s 12,000 people captive GBS organisation, where 40% of its white-collar staff sits, the business has redefined what shared services means. The business has completely
revolutionalised its GBS function, incorporating innovative technology such as AI, RPA (500 robots, and counting), and even Blockchain, all with the central aim of repositioning GBS as a
function with a seat and the strategy table. Discover how they have truly aligned business units and the GBS model, effectively removing the “them and us” dynamic, and are now able
to offer advanced value to value their end-user customers and improve business profitability.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Rene.

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