14-17 May, 2018 | Lisbon, Portugal

Phil Gillingham

Director, Global Human Resource Operations

10:15 AM Construct your next-stage service strategy - Transforming to a culture of dynamic innovation and harnessing data to advance your HR Shared Service capability

In this deep-dive workshop, discover
how Microsoft has transformed its
Global HR Service Delivery model, which supports 83,000 employees
across 65 countries, in order to
support its company transformation
Learn how it is utilising a
variety of technological initiatives,
but balancing this with the talent
and expertise of people and process
within digital opportunities
n this session:

  • Discover how to develop a strategy
to enhance your operational
capabilities, moving up the value-
chain and delivering enhanced
results back to your business.

  • Deploy amplifying service center
technology, in order to innovate
and become an agile business
partner, responding to evolving
business needs.

  • Establish and maintain a customer-
orientated culture

  • Data mining – how to use analytics
to provide real business value

3:55 PM Increased value matched with better service – Delivering improved results to your business

You have set up your SSC, have realised
the initial cost-savings, and your centre has
stabilised. What’s next?
In this session, learn how to:

  • Embed Continuous improvements into
the heart of your shared services centre
to continue to add additional value

  • Navigate internal politics – how to
encourage trust in your operations, and
further SSC growth

  • Explore your future operations- simplification and standardisation

  • Challenge your employees’ BAU
mindset – develop initiatives to strive for

4:55 PM Establishing a Culture of Customer Excellence within your Services Organisation - Does There Have to be a Trade-off Between Customer Excellence and Cost, and how do SSC Leaders Navigate this Tricky Terrain?

Customer experience (CX) is becoming more and more important than ever, with (unsurprisingly) a strong correlation between high CX and customer loyalty. In the world of shared
services, with increasing options for Business Units to explore other options, how can leaders formulate a robust CX strategy, whilst delivering more for less? In this session, learn from GBS
and SSC leaders that are embedding CX into the DNA of their of their operations in order to further develop their services and gain advanced insight on what their customers truly want.

  • Develop a collaborative approach – developing a culture of trust with your Business Units

  • Create a shared vision for business services – communication is the key

  • Agile service – building a model that can adapt quickly to changing business needs

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Phil.

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