13 - 16 May, 2019 | Lisbon, Portugal

James Bruce

EVP Unilver Global Business Services

5:35 PM Moving beyond GBS – Interlocking Digital Transformation and Exceptional Service

iscover how Unilever’s Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) organisation is transforming its operational capacities, enabling this FTSE 10 giant to grow faster, becoming more agile, resilient and profitable. With 4,500 employees in captive centres, and 7000 individuals working for Unilever through partner operations, learn how ETS being asked to play an ever increasing role in all aspects of Unilever’s business, with a vision that, by 2019, every function will be being served by ETS in some capacity. In this motivating keynote, discover how Unilever is embracing digitalisation, has restructured its HR services to achieve 30% savings, and has led a customer service culture change inside its captive and partner centres. Reimagine your service delivery to unlock the potential gains that data, analytics and Zero Based Budgeting can offer, and push the boundaries of business services

9:20 AM To what extent do Geo-political factors impact upon GBS strategies?

Brexit, Trump, the rise of Far-Right political parties throughout Europe, domestic and international terrorism and Catalonian independence are a few examples of political and economic instabilities that are shaping European policy. What are the implications for GBS and SSC set up? For organisations with operations in tumultuous regions, how can they plan and adequately resource their centres and minimise risk to their businesses?

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