13 - 16 May, 2019 | Lisbon, Portugal

Craig Sumner

Solutions Consultant

10:15 AM Intelligently Automating – Identifying, Prioritising and Implementing your Automation Programme

How to evaluate use cases and calculate the ROI on Intelligent Automation (cognitive + RPA) in shared services

64% of shared services operations have leveraged RPA in some capacity, but of those who have, only 9% report meaningful scale and nearly all report technology, licensing, and enablement challenges in their deployments. It’s time to remove the bottlenecks and make a real impact.

In this deep-dive workshop, learn how to construct a cohesive strategy surrounding RPA, which will enable you to deliver maximum returns to your business in the shortest possible timeframe. Establish and elevate your intelligent automation rulebook, and develop a clear strategy for 2018...and beyond.

In this session you will:
  • Benchmark your RPA progress against peers in a frank, collaborative discussion
  • Identify roadblocks you have faced in achieving true scale and transformational benefit
  • Discuss new use cases for cognitive automation (e.g. document-intensive O2C, P2P, AP and onboarding)
Plan an illustrative roll-out of cognitive automation that aligns with your RPA efforts

9:55 AM Interview Hosted by WorkFusion: The Reality, Imperative, and Impact of AI-Powered Automation Within Business Services

With access to vast amounts of data, accountability for hundreds of business processes, and large numbers of FTEs, SSCs are a perfect launch pad for AI-powered cognitive automation. Nearly all SSCs have started RPA programs, and leading SCCs see 2018 as the year of cognitive, but defining, starting, and executing a cognitive strategy is daunting.

This session will cover how AI is delivering within a SSC/GBS organisation, and will give real-life examples of how cognitive automation and RPA are being leveraged together to digitise and transform the organisation.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Craig.

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