Meet the Speakers

Caroline Basyn
Caroline Basyn
Senior Vice President, Global Business Services Leader
James Bruce
James Bruce
EVP Unilver Global Business Services
Maria Salvatore
Maria Salvatore
Shared Services Programme Director
NBC Universal
Stephen  Caulfield
Stephen Caulfield
Vice President Dell EMC Global Services & GM Dell Bratislava
Dell EMC
Carlos  Guimaraes
Carlos Guimaraes
Senior Director Finance Shared Services
Stephen Sutcliffe
Stephen Sutcliffe
Director of Finance & Accounting
NHS Shared Business Services
Susana  Hilario Alves
Susana Hilario Alves
Head of Process Excellence HR Global Operations
Fred  Stierlin
Fred Stierlin
Vice President Shared Services
Guy Mercier
Guy Mercier
Senior Executive Vice-President, Head of Global Services Strategy & Deliver
Solvay Business Services
Devi Kencki
Devi Kencki
Vice President, Global Program and Project Management Leader, GBS
Swiss Re
Mark  Linden
Mark Linden
Global Head of Talent Acquisition
Mondelez Business Services
Michal  Gryglewski
Michal Gryglewski
Head of GBS Europe
Sony Pictures
Holger  Sigloch
Holger Sigloch
Transition Leader Bose Global Business Services
Bose Global Business Services
Abigail De Rochemont
Abigail De Rochemont
Head of Global Strategic Sourcing, Procurement
Wolters Kluwer
Jose Pedro Anacoreta
Jose Pedro Anacoreta
Strategic Project Management Director for HR and Data Protection
Maciej  Piwowarczyk
Maciej Piwowarczyk
Global Director F&A Shared Services
Discovery Communications
Cathy  O’Dowd
Cathy O’Dowd
Adventurer and Mountaineer
Chris Gunning
Chris Gunning
Global Shared Services (GSS) Finance Operations Leader
Geeta  Malhorta
Geeta Malhorta
Vice President, Head of Global Business Services
Alf  Franzoni
Alf Franzoni
Shared Services Centre Director
Kim  Leandersson
Kim Leandersson
General Manager Shared Services
Tele 2
Nicolas  Louit
Nicolas Louit
Director of IT and Services, Europe. Global Leader for Business Process & Information Optimization
Proctor and Gamble
Angus  Kidd
Angus Kidd
Manading Director - Head of Compliance & Regulatory Affairs Effectiveness a
Credit Suisse
Lars J  Christophers
Lars J Christophers
Global Busines Services Head of Operations
Katherine  Heyward
Katherine Heyward
Senior HR Director Global Business Services
Smith and Nephew
Johnson Controls
Balint Bacso
Director of Enterprise HR Operation - APAC & EMEA
Johnson Controls
George Connell
George Connell
Vice President of Strategy - Finance Operations
Morten  Lillelund
Morten Lillelund
Vice President of Business Services Operations (Shared Services)
Chris  Wright
Chris Wright
Global Business Services Director
SSP Group
T.J.  Wolfe
T.J. Wolfe
Vice President Finance Shared Services and Transformation
Coca Cola
Phil  Gillingham
Phil Gillingham
Director Global HR Operations
 Alastair  Collier
Alastair Collier
Head of Strategy, Solutions and Sustainability
Rob  Bradford
Rob Bradford
Senior Vice President Global Business Services
Dave  Hughes
Dave Hughes
Shared Services Director
Ekkehart  von Roda
Ekkehart von Roda
Senior Director Finance Transformation, Shared Services
Devi Kencki
Devi Kencki
Vice President, Global Program and Project Management Leader, GBS
Swiss Re
Alex  Frazer
Alex Frazer
Global Business Services Lead
Jamie  Bull
Jamie Bull
Director of Accounting Shared Services
Anne  Mortensen
Anne Mortensen
Head of People Services Global Business Services
Rio Tinto
Ina  Schreckenberger
Ina Schreckenberger
Programme Stream Lead for Organisation and People
JC  Schoeman
JC Schoeman
Director Finance Operations, International Bill to Cash
Isabel  Duarte
Isabel Duarte
Head of Global Financial Services, Lisbon
Grunenthal Group
Simone  Noordegraaf
Simone Noordegraaf
Head of Global Business Serivces Europe
Jennifer  Sturch
Jennifer Sturch
Shared Service Centre Director
Bjorn  Bergabo
Bjorn Bergabo
General Manager - GE Global Operations
General Electric
Andrzej Kinastowski
Andrzej Kinastowski
Head of GBS Operational Support Strategy
Lufthansa Global Business Services
Katerina  Vranovska
Katerina Vranovska
Contact Centre Director
Johnson and Johnson
Tobia  Unger
Tobia Unger
Head of Innovation, Digitalisation and Benchmarking
Phil  Woodburn
Phil Woodburn
VP Finance Global Shared Services and Operations
Schneider Electric
Rajesh  Sanon
Rajesh Sanon
Director - Global HR Service Delivery and Vendor Partnership Management
Robert Soja
Robert Soja
Senior Vice President Global Financial Services
Die Grunenthal Gruppe
Shak Akhtar
Shak Akhtar
Global VP of Robotic Solutions
Sarunas Suipis Suipis
Sarunas Suipis Suipis
Vice President Operations and Managing Director
Western Union
Andrea  Schaffell
Andrea Schaffell
Vice President EMEA Shared Service Centres
Sam  Horton
Sam Horton
Global Services Finance Strategy and Operations Director
Johnson and Johnson
Andre  Norman
Andre Norman
Director of HR Shared Services
Piotr  Andryszak
Piotr Andryszak
Director, HR Services Europe
Phillips Lightning


Cindy Gallagher
Cindy Gallagher
SVP, Global Shared Services Controller
Discovery Communications
Julie Harbert
Julie Harbert
Senior Vice President, Head of GBS and Shared Services Transformation
Royal Philips
Gary Critchley
Gary Critchley
Head of UK Shared Services
National Grid
Bobby Abrahams
Bobby Abrahams
Managing Director & Chief of Transformation
Michael van der Steen
Michael van der Steen
Director Global Process Order to Cash
Bose Business Services
Andreas Mayer
Andreas Mayer
Head of Global HR Shared Services
Teva Pharmaceuticals
Alexander von Thielmann
Alexander von Thielmann
SVP Shared Services
Jean-Claude  De Vera
Jean-Claude De Vera
Lafarge Holcim
Andrew Parris
Andrew Parris
Director of Shared Services
Mike Stops
Mike Stops
Group Director Service Centres
Rakesh Sangani
Rakesh Sangani
Managing Partner, Finance Transformation, Shared Services and Outsourcing