Mike Stops

Group Director Service Centres
Mike is the Group Director of Services Centres for the Nippon Sheet Glass Group, one of the world’s
leading manufacturers of glass and supplier of related services. Mike graduated from Aston
University in Chemistry and Computer Science and has worked in a number of different industry 
sectors: Civil Nuclear Engineering; Banking; Professional Services; Insurance; and Manufacturing and 
until recently all of that was in Information Technology. In 2012 Mike was asked to apply the 
successful global IT shared service approach to Finance, Procurement and HR. Mike has teams 
working globally and there are major service centres in Poland, Brazil, China and Japan. He is married
to Fiona and they have two children in University education

2:05 PM Cross-functional collaboration – how to establish rules and governance within your multi-tower SSC

In order to truly capitalise on the benefits of
having a multifunctional SSC, departments
and functions need to develop a strategy
to engage with each other. The “no-rules”
trend of automation is another reason for
SSC leaders to look not just at their own
functional involvement, but also at their
centre as a whole.
In this session learn to:

  • Develop an “easy wins” cohesive strategy
for your services

  • Transform your service – from silo to a
unified unit.