Andreas Mayer

Head of Global HR Shared Services
Teva Pharmaceuticals

2:40 PM Panel Discussion: Communicating the future – digital automation, globalised talent

In this session, discover how a multinational
communications organisation is
transforming its strategic approach to
adapt to future business needs.
In this session, hear:
How to simplify and transform your
processes From manual to digital –
embracing RPA and Chatbots within
HR Centres of excellence and talent
management – harnessing analytics to
become a consultative partner.

4:00 PM Global Business Services – has the tide turned?

The benefits that can be realised from
adopting a GBS model have been
incredibly well documented; increased
visibility across your business operations,
the efficiencies that come with
standardized, global processes to name
but two.
However, this is not an easy transition
to make, with 45% of SSCs having only
partially implemented their models, and
4% who have attempted to adopt GBS but
have decided to switch back to a more
local strategy.
In this session, hear from four leaders, with
different views on the optimum target
operating model of the future...