Digitally Empowered Service: Innovate, Transform, Deliver

Digitally empowered service is driving the fourth wave of business service optimisation. Long gone are the days of “labour arbitrage” and “back office cost savings” providing the basis of the industry. 

The next generation of business services will be truly strategically valued and recognised parts of the business, no longer relegated to “transactional, back-office” functions in far-flung locations, but a critical part of business-wide decision-making that impacts both the top and the bottom line. 

The Annual European Shared Services & Outsourcing Week is where you will discover new ideas, trends and technologies that will keep you ahead of the game, transform your shared services centre and build on the fundamentals that have shaped Shared Services into the multi billion-dollar industry it is today. Join us to create your SSO of tomorrow, today.

Meet your 2019 expert SSOW speaker panel

Alexander von Thielmann

Senior Vice President Shared Services

Caroline Basyn

Global Chief Information Officer and Global Business Services Officer
Mondelez Business Services

Angela Mangiapane

President, Mars Global Services
Mars Inc

Bobby Abraham

Vice President Finance Transformation

Kathleen Terjesen

Head of Global Business Services

Sandy Khanna

Managing Director, Group Business Services

Suzanne Ryder

Vice President Finance Operations

Ellen van Essen

Global Head Vodafone Shared Services

Maciej Piwowarczyk

Vice President Business Services

Wendy Allardes

Senior Director, HR Operations
Thermo Fisher

Teresa Michelena

Director Global Business Services Center HR, Europe

Sandeep Kulkarni

Global Shared Services Consultant Director
Jaguar Land Rover

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The hottest topics to be discussed at SSOW 2019

Transitioning from a transactional to value-adding shared service centre

Deploying Automation and Robotics to increase productivity and eliminate errors

Using PEX and creating a continuous improvement culture to continue to achieve marginal gains and productivity improvements

Creating a GBS and Global Process Owner Model to take advantage of global standardization, economies of scale and creating a truly advanced SSC

Leadership: Developing your leadership skills to lead your team through change!

Accelerating change, leapfrogging forward in the SSC journey

Venue & Accommodation

13 - 16 May, 2019
The Estoril Congress Center, Portugal

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